Wednesday, September 25, 2013


My first five weeks of college have gone by and I have yet to post. That is a long time. But I know that I have certainly been busy. And I haven't really known what to write about (except when I'm trying to fall asleep - I swear I write entire essays in my head some nights).

However, lately I have been feeling very inspired by some ladies (and a few guys) whose blogs or Instagram accounts I follow. There is way more good and awesome to social media than one might expect.

I've been feeling more artsy. More like taking photographs of candid life. More like photographing the people in my life. More like doodling. More like creating.

I've been feeling more like taking care of myself. More like dressing up nice because it makes me happy. More like making a concerted effort to eat right and exercise more. More like being around people who make me feel good about myself and about them.

I've been feeling a greater desire to be genuine. To be real with the people in my life. To admit my shortcomings and struggles to others. To make meaningful relationships and show other people that I care.

I've been feeling like I need to grow closer to God. Like I should be doing more stuff for Him, and not just living for me. That I should put in the effort when I know that I really do have the energy and I'm just being lazy.

I really want to give life my all. My 100%. I want to never give up. I want to feel continually inspired by the big things and by the little moments. I want to strive to change the things that need changing if it is in my power to do so. I want to be able to make the hard choice.

I know I can. How?

Because I can say no to the extra two cookies or the pizza line in the dining hall. Because I can study a bit more and go on Facebook a bit less. Because I can read at least one Psalm more of my Bible each day. Because I can budget better so that I can afford healthier items at the store. 

I really, really want to grow in these areas. Also, I know I am going to not follow through a lot. I've tried to find little reminders for myself. Like writing this on my arm:

Hopefully, these little things will help.

In conclusion, I want to leave you with a few things that have inspired me lately.

Ashley Campbell at Under the Sycamore. Her writing. Her genuineness. Her photography. Her artsy-ness.

Kelle Hampton at Enjoying the Small Things. Again: writing, genuineness, photography, style. Her life motto.

The Kacirek family and their story. Especially their children Lucia and Cephas. Just adopted as teens after being neglected in orphanages for over a decade (to the point that their bodies are seriously damaged) and still have the most beautiful hearts and strength. When the Kacireks finally were able to return to Cephas' Lucia's country to bring them home, Lucia told them that she knew they would come back for her. Seriously well worth your time to read. I tear up every time.

This story of orphans and kids from a rural village in Uganda having ice cream for the first time.

Humans of New York. The photography. How real he captures people. How wonderfully different people are.

I hope you enjoy these tidbits of life as much as I have.

Have a great week!